For this project, our team was appointed to create an identity for a new dessert shop located in Malaysia. This dessert booth serves desserts that are cultivated from Japan and Europe. Since the client had a vision of creating a mascot for their brand, I decided to use the icon of the fortune cat, also widely known as the "Maneki Neko" in Japan as the brand's icon. By implementing color and themes from the European culture onto the character, the mascot then becomes a representation of the products from the brand. The brand also wants to have a retro yet vibrant outlook to its identity, therefore, the usuage of pop-culture text and colors are also implemented on the counter decorations as well as price boards.

- Proposed Logo 01 -

- Proposed Logo 02 -

- Proposed Logo 03 -

- Final Logo -

- Dessert Combos Artwork -

- Poster Design 01 -

- Poster Design 02 -